Business Performance

Our Performance

Our success is the sum of our financial and non-financial performance. Both are integral to our ability to achieve sustainable growth, keep our environmental and social commitments, and deliver safe, reliable and cost-effective electricity to our customers while delivering fair returns to our shareholders.

Zero Harm is Achievable

Zero Harm Is Achievable

Safety is a top sustainability priority at AEP. Our goal is to achieve zero harm -- zero injuries and zero fatalities. We are making progress toward this goal every year and while 2012 was our best performance in AEP's history, we can do better. During the past 17 years, we have worked 5 years without work-related employee fatalities. In 2012, there were no employee or contractor fatalities.

We measure our success based on financial performance, the reliability of our system, our environmental performance and compliance, our ability to manage spending and receive regulatory support for the investments we make in the grid and the safety of our employees, contractors and the public.

An Integrated View of Our Business

The connections between our environmental, financial, operational and social performance have become much stronger and clearer to us. We are in business to be profitable, yet we are sensitive to the impacts our product has on the environment, the prices our customers can pay for electricity, the demand for safe, reliable electricity and the value of informed stakeholder engagement.

Financial Performance

We believe sustainability underlies our business strategy and is a key business opportunity. Our performance reflects this philosophy.

Environmental Regulations

The increasing scope and stringency of environmental regulations poses technical and financial challenges and concerns about reliability.

Safety & Health

Safety is our top sustainability priority. 2012 was our best safety performance yet.

Reliable Electricity

Our ability to secure energy and deliver power reliability hinges on many factors.

Fleet Transformation

AEP will retire approximately 5,500 MW of coal-fired generation by the end of 2016. Nearly 11,000 MW will be retrofit of converted to gas by 2020.

Contractor Safety

Our contractors’ safety performance can impact our risk profile and our company’s reputation. In 2012, contractor safety performance was exemplary.

Environmental Performance

Environmental compliance is complex, expensive and changing. Overall, our record is very good.

Water Resources

We are taking steps to reduce consumption, improve water quality and address water availability in the context of existing programs and future rules.

Public Safety

Four of the eight public fatalities and one electrical contact that occurred in 2012 resulted from attempted copper theft, which continues to be a problem.

Closing Bell at the NYSE

AEP CEO Nick Akins was among a group of executives to ring the closing bell at the NYSE at the close of 2012 COMMIT!Forum in New York City.

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