Partnerships & Engagement

Our Relationships

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Our ability to make sustainable business decisions is enhanced by the relationships we have with many different stakeholders, primarily our regulators, customers and shareholders but also our other stakeholders. Our business has always depended on the strength of our relationships, and this is so now more than ever before.

Calls Received by AEP's Call Centers

Calls Received by AEP's Call Centers

Successful relationships require good faith, honesty and transparency about the reasons for our decisions. Strategic alliances and business relationships are essential to advance AEP's business strategy and support economic growth, improve quality of life and innovation, and lead to fair and cost-effective public policies.

Strong Relationships, Strong Communities

“Stakeholder engagement, although sometimes contentious, has always been productive for us. It has helped us to expand our thinking in many ways and has allowed us to be open and candid about our positions and activities in the realm of public policy.” – Nick Akins, President & CEO

How We Engage

We have had a formal stakeholder engagement process for more than six years. Over time, our engagement has become more personal and issue focused.


We have a profound responsibility to our customers to deliver our product safely, reliably and on demand, whenever and wherever it is needed.


Our employees define who we are, what we do and how we do it. They bring values, skills, diversity and expertise to AEP that make us unique and successful.

Strong Communities

Being a responsible corporate citizen goes beyond the fence line of our property to the heart of the communities in which we operate or that we serve.

Sustainable Procurement

We work with fuel and nonfuel suppliers to drive continuous improvement and efficiencies within the supply chain.


We value and celebrate diversity because it helps make the work environment, or community, a richer and better place.

Read To Me Day

In Nov. 2012, 300 Appalachian Power employee volunteers celebrated Read To Me Day by sharing a book with students at nearly 400 elementary schools in Virginia and West Virginia.

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