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Technology Transfer Awards

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) recognizes members annually with Technology Transfer Awards for their efforts to apply research and development on behalf of their companies and the industry at large. AEP received several 2012 EPRI Technology Transfer Awards in three sectors – power delivery and utilization; environment and renewable energy; and generation. AEP was recognized for:

  • Leading one of the first major collaborations between the automotive and utility industries on modern plug-in vehicle technology;
  • A case study on AEP’s Smart Grid project; AEP was part of a multi-company team recognized for deploying equipment, collecting data, and conducting analysis;
  • An assessment of the viability of distributed solar photovoltaic generation;
  • Participating in a team effort to lead an analysis of water withdrawal and consumption for electric power generation, how it compares to water use in other industries and how conservation options can be used to reduce water consumption;
  • Initiating a project to evaluate the properties of fly ash that will be instrumental in supporting design and loading of ash ponds, particularly during pond closures;
  • A broad-based utility collaborative that launched a rapid-response project to identify the root cause of severe corrosion in flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems installed in U.S. coal-fired power plants and to develop new inspection and mitigation strategies.

AEP’s Transmission Strategy

AEP’s transmission strategy is supporting economic development and job growth, while bringing us closer to our supply line.

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