Opportunities & Risk

Leveraging Growth Opportunities

New and innovative initiatives are under way across AEP in response to emerging business opportunities. These initiatives improve system reliability and performance, result in fewer environmental impacts, lower the cost to deliver electricity to customers and reduce by half construction time of new facilities.

Transmission = Growth

Opportunities Timeline

AEP Transcos plan to construct nearly $1.9 billion in additional transmission facilities through 2015.

Nowhere is the use of innovation and technology more evident than in our transmission business unit. The need for a robust transmission system in the U.S. is as important as ever. New opportunities and changes in the industry give AEP a competitive edge in developing a modern national transmission system for the 21st century.

Emerging Business Opportunities

“As would any organization striving to become more sustainable, we not only stay focused on the future, we plan for it and sometimes strive to shape it. Innovation has enabled us to meet challenges over and over again that improved our efficiency, our reliability and our customer service.” – Nick Akins, President & CEO


Transmission continues to be an area of long-term and short-term growth, providing improved grid reliability and customer service.

Shale Gas Boom

From extraction and production to supply chain, shale gas development is a challenge and a business opportunity for AEP.

Economic & Business Development

Developing and investing in the local communities where we operate and provide service has become increasingly important to us and our communities.

Innovation & Technology

Our heritage for innovation allows us to respond to new opportunities and anticipate stakeholder expectations.

Cyber Security

Protecting operations systems and critical energy infrastructure from cyber-attack is a daily critical mission at AEP.

Competing For Capital

Capital resources needed to operate and maintain the grid compete with resources needed for business growth.

Climate Change

We continue to take a leadership role on climate change, one of the most significant long-term sustainability issues for AEP.

Renewable Energy

As we transition our generation business to a more balanced resource mix, renewable energy will become a larger part of our portfolio.

Inland Waterways

The deteriorating condition of our inland waterways, which are of strategic economic importance, are a significant concern.

AEP’s Transmission Strategy

AEP’s transmission strategy is supporting economic development and job growth, while bringing us closer to our supply line.

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