Leadership & Strategy

Ethics And Compliance

As an organization, we are guided by our Principles of Business Conduct, which require us to operate with integrity, fairness, respect, and care. Any employee who raises concerns about ethics, safety or compliance issues needs to be able to do so without fear of retribution. This freedom is part and parcel of fostering a risk-aware culture.

We have made significant progress toward this goal during the past few years, providing employees with a variety of safe ways to communicate information and concerns. However, we recognize that we have more work to do. This is especially true following our recent organizational review. As our company changes, if employees are unwilling to report an ethics or compliance violation for fear of retaliation, our corporate culture, the financial health of the company and our reputation are put at risk. Consequently, we are redoubling our efforts to communicate with and engage employees so that they feel free to communicate concerns. Part of this effort will be incorporated into our strategy to develop a stronger, healthier culture.

The New Turk Power Plant

The 600-MW John W. Turk, Jr., Power Plant in southwestern Arkansas is among the nation’s cleanest, most efficient pulverized coal plants.

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